FAQ: SUMMER Flute Masterclass


Who is this class for?

The SUMMER class is designed to incorporate flutists of many skill levels and ages.  We have three options for attending the class; PERFORMERS: Advanced High School, College and Professional (audition required), PARTICIPANTS: High School, College, Professional, Amateur, AUDITORS: All ages and levels


I am not sure I want to play in the class, can I attend without having to perform in a master class?

Yes!  You will have A LOT to do and learn without performing in the master class.  But you will still need to bring your flute!  There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate in warm-up sessions, workshops and more!


If I am accepted to perform in the master class what should I prepare? 

Standard flute repertoire, excerpts and concertos are recommended.


I missed the deadline to perform in the master class!  What can I do? 

If you have missed the final deadline, please email info@cmufluteforum.com.


Can I have a private lesson during the week?

In 2017 we added the option to add a 30 minute private lesson with the faculty members.  Please contact theconsummateflutist@gmail.com to reserve a lesson.  $75/30 minutes



My student in participating in this class, can I also come to the class?

YES!  Teachers are welcome to come to this class with their students as our guests!

I do not have any students performing in this class, but I would still like to attend, is this OK?

Yes!   Teachers that do not have any students participating can register as AUDITORS.



My child is participating in the class, are parents invited?

Yes!  We welcome parents to attend for free with their child, as our guests!

High School Student FAQ

What time should I arrive?

8:30am for registration and check-in


What time will I be finished?

Tuesday-Friday: approx. 7:45pm, Saturday: approx.4:00pm


Can I leave early:

Yes, there are no restrictions for arrival or departure time.  We just ask that you are respectful and wait until a performer is finished before leaving the hall.


Do I need a parent to stay with me?

We highly recommend a parent OR teacher stay with you while you are on-campus.  This class is run like a conference, not a camp, so people are able to come and go at their leisure.  We do not have chaperones or counselors.  Parents and teachers of registered students attend for free.  A “friend pass” is also available for $20 if you want to bring a friend with you to audit the class.


What should I bring with me?

Flute, lesson music, notebook, pencil, lunch (if you are not buying on campus)


Is the parent meeting mandatory for One-Day students?

It is not mandatory for one day students, but you might find some of the information helpful.


What will I do all day?

For most of the day, you will be an observer in the classes – you will learn a lot from watching the performers in the classes and listening to the teacher’s advice to these students.  Performers in TCF come to us from all over the country through a very selective audition – many of them are college students that are flute performance majors in college.  The students you will hear are some of the best in the country.



Masterclasses: Performers (pre-selected by audition) perform in the masterclasses for a “master teacher”.  The teacher teaches the performer in front of the class, giving all students in the audience the benefit of learning from the teacher and student.  TAKE NOTES!  As a young student, there will be a lot of new information.  Take thorough notes and ask your teacher at home to explain any concepts you may not understand. 


Exhibits: Try out new flutes and accessories from our sponsors.  2017 includes: Altus Flutes, Powell Flutes, Levit Flute Company, Burkart Flutes and Piccolos, Flute Specialists and Flutistry Boston


Orchestral Excerpt Masterclass: Performers (pre-selected by audition) perform orchestral excerpts (which are typically found on audition lists for youth orchestras, colleges and professional orchestras) for master teachers in front of the class. 


Lectures: Faculty discuss topics relevant to flutists of all ages


Faculty Recital: Listen to the master artists perform a short recital on Tuesday and Friday.  This is free and open to the public


Morning Workshops: Led by faculty members, morning workshops cover a variety of topics, including sight-reading, alternate fingerings, and more.  Music is not always available prior to the class.  Bring your flute if you wish to participate.


Mini-Lesson: Take a 30-minute lesson with one of our faculty members.  These lessons are scheduled during the masterclasses, so you will need to leave a few minutes prior to your scheduled time and return to class following the lesson.  Lessons will be in the same building as the masterclasses.


Where can I eat?

If you are only coming for one day, you may wish to bring your lunch and dinner to eat in the music building.  We will have a table in the hall that students can eat their meals at to stay in the building. 

If you wish to purchase your lunch Tuesday-Friday, you can go to the University Center to buy your meals. 

Saturday we will have a pizza party for lunch


A few helpful tips:

  1. Bring a water bottle & snacks
  2. If you have them, bring copies of the music that will be performed on the day you are attending.  If you don’t own it, ask a teacher if you can borrow it.  Other students in the class will also have copies – try to share with someone if you need to
  3. Bring a notebook to take notes
  4. Stay in the building
  5. Wear your ID badge
  6. Join our REMIND system for emergency alerts
  8. We are on a college campus, which is open to all people, be aware of your surroundings and ask for help if you need it
  9. Bring a friend!  If you are coming to TCF alone, consider bringing a friend!  We have a special discount for flute students that want to audit with a registered student ($25/day).  Contact theconsummateflutist@gmail.com for the code to share with your friend.  (They can also purchase their “friend pass” at the door with a credit or debit card.)
  10. Dress appropriately – no shorts.  Bring a sweater, the concert hall can be cold
  11. Do not leave or enter when a student is performing, wait until they finish
  12. Be respectful of other students
  13. Be on time for your lesson – 5 minutes early is best
  14. Be prepared for your lesson with a piece of music you are working on and any questions you may have for the teacher
  15. If you have questions, need help or even need flute advice, ask one of our staff members or faculty members

Have more questions?  Contact us at theconsummateflutist@gmail.com